Braided Wedding Rings Handmade By Artist Todd Alan

Unique Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings that Represent Your Love

This is a couple in love at their wedding. The exchanged Todd Alan braided wedding rings. The braided rings were a representation of them weaving their lives together. They choose a artistic ring. This picture shows their heads put together as they savor a moment of love

Are You a Couple In Love Looking for unique and personal wedding rings in a world of mass production?

Todd Alan has designed an elegant style of braided wedding rings that represent the weaving of your lives together. We are a small, family run business in Sarasota, Florida. Todd has made over 18,000 rings by hand over his 35 years of artistry and has been an online retailer since 1998. Shopping online can be a daunting experience but that shouldn’t be the case. He and his daughter Lyra are here to help you along every step of your journey as you design your perfect rings. Come have Todd handmake a set of completely one of a kind rings just for you.

Making Rings BY HAND For over 37 Years

Want some inspiration for the perfect engagement ring? Or are you just interested seeing some of the braided wedding bands Todd has created throughout the years?

This gallery features many of Todd’s unique wedding rings in combinations of 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, 18k yellow gold and platinum. See what customers have done with our diamonds, gemstones and other unique combinations.

This is a unique wedding ring handmade by Todd Alan. It is woven with rose gold, white gold and yellow gold and has diamond bands surrounding it. A prime example of Todd's handmade braided wedding rings.

What We Do

Jewelry Artist Todd Alan™ started making jewelry in 1986. Inspired by the patterns of nature, his unique and unusual art form has evolved into his signature style and each piece of jewelry is a miniature work of art. Online since 1998 when Todd started his web based store “Hand Woven Bands” Todd has handmade and shipped over 10,000 wedding rings to unique couples all over the world. His daughter, Lyra has been learning the family craft, she helps in the office by answering the phone and doing email correspondence. She also assists at the bench working one-on-one with her dad.

How To Design Your Handmade Rings


(Pick Your Braid, width, and metal colors and Add Braid to Cart)


(Customizations are optional. Add Any Customizations to Cart)

Handmade wedding ring set. Unique braided ring. This is a braided wedding ring with a diamond next to a ring that is just a braided ring with square outer bands. This set also had diamond anniversary bands attached to the cord of three braided ring

Todd will then Handmake your Rings

Six Strand Open Weave Ring with Outer Bands (8mm Width Pictured)

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$1 130.00
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Product Details ring is available in four widths and many different color combinations. Todd makes every single ring by hand with no computers or C.A.D work. You will never find ring anywhere like this in the world.

To Learn More: For more involved descriptions of this braid including hand photos, inspirational galleries, in-depth descriptions of the width and upgrade options please go to this page:

The first step in choosing the perfect ring is picking the best width for your finger. Each width is made with different gauge strands, which changes the size of the ring. If you prefer a smaller and daintier ring, select a smaller with your width. If you tend to be more active with your hands and feel you are tougher on your rings, select the larger widths.

Choosing your width is very important, look over all the options.

Dainty: The 4.5mm OB624V is the thinnest version of this style, measuring only 4.5mm wide this ring style is a very good option if you are looking for a ladies engagement/ wedding band set (see above). This is also a good ring for the woman who likes a thinner ring.

Small: The 5.5mm OB622V is a thinner version of this style makes a great ladies ring and can be paired with any of the rings below.

Medium: The 6.5mm OB620V is a medium size ring makes a great mens or ladies ring. If the lady is choosing to wear only one ring this is also a great choice. A good choice if both people in the couple want their rings made from the same braid.

Wide: The 8mm OB618V is a strong and sturdy substantial ring that looks and feels great. A good choice if both people in the couple want their rings made from the same braid. For men who have medium-larger hands this size is probably the best choice. Best in ring sizes 8 and up.

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All our braids and options and everything about our rings you can find on our website:

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Braided wedding rings handmade by Todd Alan. This is a picture is two of our customers exchanging rings in their wedding ceremony

Come See Our Rings In Person

We are located in sunny Sarasota, Florida! During your visit, you can see Todd’s braided rings in person and even schedule an appointment to meet the artist himself.

Todd Alan Gallery 

506 S Pineapple Ave

Sarasota, FL 34236

In these strange times, we are not always open during our posted hours. Please call or email us ahead of time to book your appointment.


Todd's Promise

  • Todd has been an online retailer since 1998.
  • Lifetime guarantee – as long as Todd is making rings we will always repair his rings at no cost to you if anything goes wrong.
  • Todd stays with you until you love your ring and it fits perfectly
  • 30-day risk free return policy if you don’t love your ring
  • Guaranteed Secure online ordering
  • Never get stuck with a robot, Todd or Lyra will answer the phone and help you with your purchase. 
Todd Alan using a torch to make a ring by hand. Todd handmakes all his braided wedding rings. Artist Todd Alan making a ring.

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