Four Strand Closed Weave

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This is the smallest of Todd’s closed weave ring styles. Woven from four individual strands of metal, it is ideal for a single tone or as a two tone ring. It is braided tightly together so that all strands touch but because of its woven nature it is still very breathable and comfortable for everyday wear. 

Standard: The 4.0mm 418C offers a refined, slender profile, perfect for sizes 4-11.

Heavy: The 5.5mm 417C delivers bold elegance, ideal for sizes 10-16.

Quick Selection of Four Strand Rings

Add a Diamond Or Stone To Your Ring

Add a diamond, sapphire, moissanite or any gemstone to your six strand open weave.

Making Rings From The Same Braid

If the same braid width is chosen for both rings, Todd can weave one long braid and create both wedding rings out of this single braid. For some, this represents two separate individuals who choose to weave their lives together and have even incorporated this symbolism in to their vows during their ceremony.

Four Strand Gallery

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