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Mother's Ring

Todd’s unique take of the idea of a Mother’s Ring incorporates both motherhood and children to form a deeply personal and special gift she will treasure. This new addition to Todd’s Collection has created a classification all its own. The process of creating a swirl ring, by its very nature, ensures each ring comes out completely differently than the last. 

After completing the swirl ring’s braiding, Todd then adds the chosen birthstone of each of the Mother’s children or grandchildren. Thus the incredible individuality is represented as no two rings will ever be alike. Old gold and heirloom diamonds and gemstones can be incorporated into any of our designs. We invite you to call our email us so that we may set up a consultation and agree on a quote. We want your ring to be just as special as the woman you are celebrating. We are available during normal business hours to help make that a reality. You can design your ring below or call us at 941-217-4969. You can also email: 

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Accordion Content

Customary and Statement Piece. Customary is made with a smaller wire with generally tighter “woven” swirls. It is wonderful for ring sizes 7.5 and below or if you want a daintier looking piece. Statement Pieces are created with larger wire and have a bit more open, flowing space. They are best for ring sizes above a 7.5 or if you want a ring that is bold, beautiful and luxurious.

We make our rings with 14k yellow, white and rose gold, 18k yellow and platinum. Just as a clarification: our 14k white gold is not rhodium plated. If you want a truly bright white metal, we suggest upgrading to our platinum, which will provide the sharp contrast typically expected. We offer a choice of 14k or 18k yellow gold: 14k works well by itself but when you start mixing colors, choosing the 18k option gives a much stronger distinction between golds. If you have your own gold you would like melted down and put into the ring or if you want to trade it in as scrap toward your purchase, call or email us to discuss that option as well.

More than just a style choice. Though you can absolutely select this based completely on your own preference, the tapered ring can be more comfortable for those who have a smaller ring size that want a Statement Piece but are worried about the comfort level of having a wider braid all the way around.

Todd adds these droplets in every type of metal we offer. These tiny bubbles are beautiful accents and Todd adds each according to the particular flow of the ring so it’s always different. The image pictured is just a visual representation and will not exactly reflect the final product.

Swirl ring with a diamond handmade by Todd Alan in 14k white goldSwirl ring in 14k white gold with a diamond
Accordion Content

We recommend visiting a jeweler or big retail store and getting an accurate ring size. Or you can send us a ring you’re used to wearing that you know fits.

We offer a larger standout stone for the mothers birthstone. This stone is a4mm brilliant cut rounds. Some people prefer the mothers stone to stand out and if you do then we suggest this option. If you would prefer not to feature her birthstone, just those of her children (as MANY of our mothers rings do) then leave it with none. Sometimes people also make her birthstone the same size as her childrens, if so then make that one of the birthstones instead. Todd can also incorporate any stones you have into the piece. Call or email us and we will happily work with you to make this ring perfect.

Each birthstone is a 2.5mm brilliant cut bezel set rounds. You are not required to add any birthstones or you can add up to 6. Most people use the birthstones of the children and grandchildren but sometimes other members of the family or spouses are included too! It’s completely up to your design. 

Share your story, thoughts, ideas, likes or inspirations with us here. We want you to walk away absolutely loving this ring and that starts with the design process. Todd puts a great deal of energy into each artisan swirl ring and he wants to get a feel for your likes, dislikes and personality to really bring your piece to life.

Mother's Pendent

If your mother doesn’t prefer rings, Todd has designed this necklace as a way to celebrate her beautiful family that she has created. Just as branches in a family, each swirl is interconnected. We invite you to add a birthstone of each of her children to represent her family. Alternatively, some customers have used their mother’s favorite colors to show how loved she is. For the woman who gave you everything; give her a completely one of a kind, handmade custom necklace that tells your family’s story.

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