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Todd's First Video - the process

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cord of three™ symbolism

This unique braided Cord of Three™ ring was designed by Todd for the Christian community after receiving calls from couples who were looking for handwoven wedding rings as depicted in the Bible

Todd’s custom artisan swirl rings are as unique as every individual order. They strike a balance of time-perfected elegance, yet allow for him to craft masterpieces for every person. If you want an art piece, something that you can share and pass down as a precious heirloom, something to treasure forever, then our custom artisan swirl rings are the perfect choice for you. 

Pulling gold into new rings

Creating a Swirl ring

This is one of the more in-depth of Todd Alan’s Videos. It goes into the designing and swirling of metal to make a swirl ring with gemstones. 

Todd Alan Videos series: From The Bench

Todd Series: From the Shop

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