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Woven Art Ring Collection

Custom Designed. Hand Braided. Todd Alan Original Woven Art Rings.

Inspired on a serene evening, Todd crafts masterpiece rings in his Sarasota shop. Each begins with a perfect gemstone, carefully chosen from his curated collection. With deft mastery, he braids strands of gold late into the night, bringing his vision to life.

These one-of-a-kind masterpieces are finished and ready in the shop, with slight resizing options available.

Gold and silver filigree masterpiece ring featuring a central large diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds.

Each ring is one-of-a-kind—once sold, they are gone forever

If you want to create your own ring you can either call us or start to design it online:

Start with the braids then you can add diamonds, gemstones, or other custom work. 

Confused? If you have any questions reach out to us:

Email: Todd@HandWovenBands.com

Call: 941.217.4969

All of Todd Alan's designs are protected by copyright.