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About Our Rings

Unlike mass produced wedding rings, which are cast from a mold, Todd Alan makes each ring one-at-a-time as they are ordered. The result is a lasting, unique and timeless piece of jewelry that is personal and one-of-a-kind.

One of Todd Alan's most sunning unique diamond wedding ring sets. This has diamond bands on one and our standard cord of three braid to the right. Both are made from the same braid in all 14k rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold.

If the same braid is chosen for both people, Todd can weave one long braid and create both wedding rings out of this single braid. See our Same Braid page. 

For some, this represents two separate individuals who choose to weave their two lives together. People have incorporated this symbolism in to their vows during their ceremony. To learn more about symbolism in our rings see our Symbolism Page. 

Make Your Ring Have A Rope Center

Adding a rope center can only be done on some of the braids featured here at Todd Alan Studios. There will be a box next to the ring that says ‘add a rope center’ if you can add one to that braid style.

A rope center is an elegant change in texture where Todd twists the metal by hand to give your ring a very unique look. Because it does not take any extra metal it is a completely free upgrade to your ring.

While some rings come standard with rope centers, it is completely up to you and your vision if you’d like to add it to other braids.

This is our braided wedding ring that showcases getting all your wires smooth. This is a two tone ring braided with eight wires.This is our braided wedding ring that showcases getting your center wires made rope. This means extra twisting of the wire in the ring.. This is a two tone ring braided with eight wires.

You can choose any braid and add outer bands. Our Standard Outer Bands are Round. We have many other outer bands options as shown above. With many braids you can choose the braid and THEN pick the outer bands, add both to cart and we will make you a custom ring. 

The Cord of Three Rings in the Photo above with Round Outer Bands Click Here.

This shows our silver braided ring and the seam it may have. Since all our rings are handmade they may have a seam. They are not factory produced. This is a four strand braided ring.

The Seam

 Joining the seam is some of the trickiest and most difficult parts of creating a true braided ring. Todd hand fuses each strand together with an adjoining strand from the other side until all connect together in a continuous braided looking pattern. In an eight strand ring that means joining 16 strands together at a single juncture. After 35 years of fuse welding Todd has developed very unique skills to make this seam as invisible and as strong as possible, connecting the ends to give the appearance of a continuous braid. Depending on where in the braid the seam lands and based on the customers ring size Todd can sometimes make it seem like a seamless braid going around the ring, however Todd shapes the strands to make the seam as invisible as possible adding to the unique handmade art nature of these rings.


Most people have some old or broken gold jewelry that simply sits in drawers and jewelry boxes and takes up space while gathering dust. Because we work with gold, we accept trade-in of your old stamped gold chains, rings, earrings, and other stamped gold as partial payment toward your purchase from us. We give 85% of the market value of your scrap gold toward your purchase. This is noticeably above what most pawn shops or gold buyers pay the public for gold. We do not buy gold for cash; we only accept gold toward the purchase of our products. Check with your friends and relatives to see who has scrap gold to contribute and make the ring purchase part of your wedding experience a little easier on your finances. It can feel good to recycle what you already have into something new!

Send Your Gold to Our Gallery: Todd Alan Gallery 506 S Pineapple Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236

Recycling gold into a new piece of jewelry. This is an up-close shot of the gold before it is melted down an pulled into a new ring

The Process

Todd hand-pours gold, shaping it into rods. He then heats the gold to soften the metal. Through a series of different drawplates, Todd pulls the softened metal into the custom round and square wire for the particular rings.

Two photos, one to the left of Jewelry artist Todd Alan smiling with a torch making his braided rings. The left is him working on his artistic braided wedding bands.

The metal has to be annealed (heated) to give Todd the exact hardness he needs to work the wire by hand.

Jewelry artist Todd Alan working on twisting and braiding his braided rings. This shows his jewelers work bench

With almost thirty years of experience, Todd hand works the metal into all the different braids you see on this site. This takes an amazing amount of hand and finger strength. Todd has become a master of these intricate braids.

Artist Todd Alan's hands as he makes his braided wedding rings by hand.

Todd then finishes the ends of the strands together using a very rare and difficult technique called fusing. This technique uses the same metal for bonding the seams as used in the creation of the braids. This creates a joining of metals that is much stronger and longer lasting then soldering.

With the skill from making thousands of rings, Todd files and shapes the seam until it blends into the braid, making it almost seamless. CLICK HERE to learn more about Todd Alan.