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Urn Ring/Memory Ring

Below is how you design your ring with a small Gold Urn that Holds Your loved ones ashes

Keep your loved one with you

Losing a loved one is an incredibly painful experience, one that cannot easily be eased. Our heartfelt desire is to offer a small comfort through this product.

The concept of the urn ring originated from a customer who, after losing a dear friend, wished to keep their memory close by wearing some of their ashes in a ring. Todd Alan carefully pondered this idea, taking time to craft a meaningful design. He begins by creating a hollow, waterproof tube to securely hold the ashes, then delicately attaches this urn onto the chosen braid, akin to a center stone.

Whether it’s the ashes of a loved one, a cherished friend, or even a beloved pet, this ring serves as a tangible reminder of the beautiful life shared together. It’s a heartfelt tribute, offering solace and a sense of closeness during moments of remembrance.

Todd's Urn Ring Video

Adding an Urn to Any Ring

Consider a different strand for added personal meaning. For example, if your loved one’s birthday was in May, you might opt for the five-strand twist weave. The urn capsule seamlessly integrates into any of our braids.

Three-part image showcasing custom cremation jewelry design: a silver and gold braided urn ring, a pile of metal bands, and the resulting mixed-metal memorial ring, with text overlays describing each step.

Step #2: Choose Your Urn:

Sending Ashes

After designing and purchasing your urn ring you can send a small amount of your loved ones ashes (We don’t need more then a tablespoon) to: 

Todd Alan Gallery

506 S Pineapple Ave 

Sarasota, FL 34236

We always appreciate a tracking number (email: todd@handwovenbands.com) and we recommend requiring a signature. 

NOTE: PLEASE include your name, contact information, return address, and any order #. 

Confused? If you have any questions reach out to us:

Email: Todd@HandWovenBands.com

Call: 941.217.4969

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