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Unique Engagement Rings

You’ve found the perfect person, let us help you design the perfect ring.  Todd’s unique, handwoven style is something you won’t find in big box stores. Your love is special, your story unlike anyone else’s: we believe your rings should be too.

Gold and silver braided wedding ring with a large square-cut diamond on top, against a white background.

Trinity Engagement Rings

Our Trinity Engagement Ring is woven in Todd’s unique Cord of Three™ braid and then three diamonds are set within the ring.  Many see these diamonds represent the Holy Trinity.  To others, it symbolizes the past, present, and future of the couple as they build their new lives together. 

How to make a Braided Engagement Ring:

Silver and gold five-strand band ring with a central blue sapphire set in a prong setting, displayed against a reflective white surface.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

If you would rather add a splash of color a unique gemstone is a great way to do just that. Much like diamonds these gemstones can be placed in any Todd Alan braid.

This is a braided engagement ring set with a princess cut diamond and our cord of three ring set. This has three colors and is handmade by artist Todd Alan.

More About Our Engagment Rings

Any of Todd Alan’s braided rings can be fitted with a diamond – look around and get creative. Combine elements from different rings featured on our site to create your own masterpiece.

If you already have a diamond we can create a setting in one of our braided rings and place your stone in it. Or you can simply have your local jeweler place your stone in our setting if you would rather avoid shipping your diamond.

Since she will be wearing two rings on her finger, you will want to consider the thickness of your choices. It can be uncomfortable for some to have a wide ring, while others don’t mind at all. If you want two thin rings, consider one of our smaller braids like the Cord of Three™, Four Strand or Five Strand. You can also go with one of our rings with more strands but consider choosing the smaller widths.

Engagement Ring Gallery

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