Cord of Three ™ Strands Ring

Three Strand Braided wedding ring

Ring Symbolism

This unique braided Cord of Three™ ring was designed by Todd for the Christian community after receiving calls from couples who were looking for handwoven wedding rings as depicted in the Bible:

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

What The Ring Represents

For many this braid represents two people on their journey together entwined by love.  Couples have expressed their own symbolism in the Cord of Three ring by picking different colored golds to represent themselves (couple strands) and God/Love (God strand) holding them together

Todd can also weave both the brides and grooms ring in one long braid, then make each ring from that braid to add even more symbolism to your wedding bands.

Handmade wedding ring set. Unique braided ring. This is a braided wedding ring with a diamond next to a ring that is just a braided ring with square outer bands. This set also had diamond anniversary bands attached to the cord of three braided ring
1ct diamond ring with our braided ring and diamond outer bands. One of a kind and unique handmade gold ring

cord of three™ Ring

Create Your Cord of Three™ With Outer Bands Below.

Symbolism in the Cord of Three™ Braid

More Options For Your Cord of Three™

Add A Stone to Your Cord of Three™

One of Todd Alan's most sunning unique diamond wedding ring sets. This has diamond bands on one and our standard cord of three braid to the right. Both are made from the same braid in all 14k rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold.

Any two Cord of Three™ rings with the same metals/colors can be made from the SAME BRAID.  We can make both rings from the same braid at no cost.

Change the God strand to Smooth

Two-tone ring, our cord of three with platinum and 18k handmade and unique by Todd AlanTwo-tone cord of three with 18k and platinum mixed together. Handmade and woven ring

You can choose if you want your God strand to smooth like the other strands. Just write in the notes section of your order that you want the GOD STRAND SMOOTH. No charge

Other Cord of Three™Products

This Holiday Season, purchase a Cord of Three Hoop Earring Set that matches the colors of your braided rings. Remind your loved one of the commitment and love you hold for each other with this unique handwoven design that features three strands: the couple as they walk together through life and God/Love wrapped around them, helping protect, guide and intertwine their lives together. HUGE CHRISTMAS SALE!

Our Trinity Engagement Ring is woven in Todd’s unique Cord of Three™ braid and then three diamonds are set within the ring.  Many see these diamonds represent the Holy Trinity.  To others, it symbolizes the past, present, and future of the couple as they build their new lives together. 

This set features two of our Cord of Three™ rings with Outer Band style. Because two rings are to be worn these rings are woven with very fine strands, making thin yet sturdy rings perfect for an engagement/wedding ring set. If you like our Cord of Three™ but would be interested in wearing two rings on one hand, this is the perfect choice for you. 

317C Cord of three wedding ring made in all platinum. God strand is rope with no outer bands

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Accordion Content

Option #1: Standard Diamond Outer Bands – In this set each band has 27 1.1mm diamonds and a total carat weight of 1/8 CT. Adding a total of 1/4twc to your ring. Each band is approximately 2mm wide. Adding 4mm to the braid of your choice.

Option #2: 1/4ct Diamond Outer Bands – Each band has 24 1.3mm diamonds and a total carat weight of 1/4 CT. Adding a total of 1/2twc to your ring. Each band is approximately 2.4mm wide. Adding 5.58mm to the braid of your choice.

Option #3: 1/3ct Diamond Outer Bands – This set has 17 1.7mm diamonds in each band and a total carat weight of 1/3 CT. Adding a total of 2/3twc to your ring. Each band is approximately 2.79mm wide. Adding 6.18mm to the braid of your choice.

Option #4: 1/2ct Diamond Outer Bands (Similar to our Large Channel Set Diamond Outer Bands) – 16 2mm diamonds in each band and a total carat weight of 1/2 CT. Adding a total of 1twc to your ring. Each band is approximately 3.09mm wide. Adding 6.18mm to the braid of your choice.

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