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Square Outer Bands

Adding square outer bands can make a braid more sturdy and tends to be a more masculine look. Just click ‘add to cart’ and we will attach your  outer bands on any band you choose.

A little note: Make sure you add these bands to a band style WITHOUT outer bands unless you want a plain outer band then a square outer band on your ring. Todd will not put any outer bands on silver.

A diagram showing square outer bands being added to a braided ring
Image displaying three styles of two-toned, intricate metal bands titled "Cord of Three Wedding Rings," demonstrating varying designs and thicknesses.

This only adds the outer bands. you need to add a braid to your cart.

A diagram of adding square outer bands to our christian cord of three wedding rings

You have to add this outer band option to a braid of your choosing. Because some braids already have square outer bands added you want to pick a braid that does not.  The braids that would be BEST for  this button are the ones without outer bands: 

Square Outer Bands photo Gallery

Confused? If you have any questions reach out to us:

Email: Todd@HandWovenBands.com

Call: 941.217.4969

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