This is a set of eight strand closed weave braided rings made from the same braid. It is a two-tone ring made with 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold. This an artistic wedding ring set handmade by Todd Alan

Eight Strand Closed Weave

The Eight Strand has two different weaves: The Open weave, the Closed weave and the Double weave. All styles are quite substantial and would be perfect for rings made from the same braid. 

The Eight Strand Closed Weave is a wider version of the Four Strand and has a very nautical look, especially when made with a rope middle. It is the widest of all the closed weaves and is quite sturdy.

Picking Your Width

The first step in choosing the perfect ring is picking the best width for your finger. Each width is made with different gauge strands, which changes the size of the ring. If you prefer a smaller and daintier ring, select a smaller with your width. If you tend to be more active with your hands and feel you are tougher on your rings, select the larger widths.

Eight Strand Gallery

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