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The Eight Strand Closed Weave is a wider version of the Four Strand and has a very nautical look, especially when made with a rope middle. It is the widest of all the closed weaves and is quite sturdy.

Standard: The 8.5mm 818C is a intricate and wide ring features the same braid pattern as our 618C style with eight strands of gold instead of six. For the person that likes a wider band -looks great on both men and woman. A good choice if both people in the couple want their rings made from the same braid. 

Best in ring sizes 5-11.


Heavy: This is a intricate, heavier ring features eight strands of substantial gold. An excellent choice for the person who appreciates the look and feel of heavier rings. 

Quick Selection of Eight Strand Closed Weave Rings

Add a Diamond Or Stone To Your Ring

Add a diamond, sapphire, moissanite or any gemstone to your six strand open weave.

These braided rings are made using eight single wires by a master artist. This master jeweler weaves together 14k rose gold, 14k white gold and 14k rose gold to make a very unique set of wedding rings. This weave is the eight strand closed weave in tri-tone braided style

Making Rings From The Same Braid

If the same braid width is chosen for both rings, Todd can weave one long braid and create both wedding rings out of this single braid. For some, this represents two separate individuals who choose to weave their lives together and have even incorporated this symbolism in to their vows during their ceremony.

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