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Add A Diamond or Gemstone to your Ring

Elegant Mother's Ring featuring a large oval-cut purple gemstone, flanked by intricate gold and silver bands, embellished with several small diamonds.

You can add a stone to ANY of our Braids to make a unique Ring.

Step 1: Design/Choose your braid and “Add it to Cart”

Step 2: Pick a stone from above and  “Add it to Cart”.

Step 3: The pictures in the cart will not charge but Todd will mount your chosen stone onto your perfect ring. 

Learn More About Adding Stones

How it Works

A collage of various braided rings in gold, rose gold, and silver, with one ring highlighted by a red ellipse.

(Pick Your Braid, width, and metal colors and Add Braid to Cart)

(Customizations are optional. Add Any Customizations to Cart)

1ct diamond ring with our braided ring and diamond outer bands. One of a kind and unique handmade gold ring

Todd will then Handmake your Rings

Learn More About Adding Stones

Confused? If you have any questions reach out to us:

Email: Todd@HandWovenBands.com

Call: 941.217.4969