Frequently Asked Questions

Our multi-strand braids are very strong and made for a lifetime of everyday wear. If your ring is made of sterling silver or 18k yellow gold, and is one of our thinner bands, it could potentially be bent.  However, most of our rings will hold up as well as a traditional wedding ring.

If you have concerns about your choice of metal, choose a stronger metal. If you are really rough on rings, choose one of the thicker bands and consider ordering rings of 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold or platinum – which are the three strongest jewelry metals that we offer.

First, before placing your order, make sure you have an accurate ring size. You can go to any jeweler and request this as a free service or you can order a set of plastic ring sizers from above. Our rings usually fit on the first try. However, if there is a problem, send them back to us with instructions and we will resize rings at no cost to you.

We know you want your rings by the wedding day. When we receive your order, we are committed to get your rings to you by your big day – we will tell you if we cannot. While we cannot control how delivery services work, we can communicate with our customers about tracking numbers, the date a package was mailed.

We have received orders with as little as four days notice before the wedding and were able to get the couple their rings on time! If your rings are needed within 14 days of ordering, they are subject to a rush ordering fee of $30. However, having a little more time means less rushing for everybody.

First, let us know how we can change your order for you to better suit what you have envisioned. If we can’t satisfy you, then we will refund your purchase price within 21 business days of the day we receive your returned ring(s). Custom orders have a 15% restocking fee. If you have further questions, please see our Warranty and Returns page.

We are proud to offer wellmade, handcrafted rings in sterling silver for couples who prefer silver or young couples starting out on a budget.  However, since silver is a soft metal that becomes brittle with time, we do not recommend them as a choice for everyday wear to last a lifetime. Faced with the budget realities of starting a life together, many couples start with a silver set of rings and plan to replace them with a more expensive and durable metal in the future. 

Consider having your rings made in 14k white gold (or platinum) as an alternative to silver for longevity.

18k yellow gold is a softer metal because it has a higher gold content, and is therefore simply less hard than the same ring made of 14k yellow gold. People love to wear and look at 18k yellow gold jewelry because of its rich and intense yellow shine. You just have to be more mindful of 18k yellow gold – what a good excuse to treat your hands well! – and know that it will not withstand as much of an impact as harder metals. The choice is yours.

The wear and tear on your rings is going to be a result of your unique lifestyle activities so it is difficult for us to gauge which choice of metal is best for you. We suggest that if you are going to do activities that could damage rings, no matter the karat quality or metal, take them off and store them conscientiously; don’t just lay your ring down – put the rings in a little pouch or pocket or on a neck chain.  After washing your hands from the work, put your rings back on.

As long as both rings use the same type of metal and use the same gauge (same mm and style) we can weave both rings out of one continuous braid. If this feature is important to you, please indicate this in the comment section when you place your order. We hear from some couples that they are incorporating the symbolism of the making of their rings in their marriage ceremony. If you would like to learn more, please visit our Same Braid page.

Each ring has a seam which is characteristic of this kind of multi-braid construction. Since the pattern joins itself at different places, depending on the ring size needed for each ring, the extent of the seam varies from being barely visible to showing as a visible (but not sloppy) line across the ring. Most people wear the ring with the seam on the palm side of the hand.  

A ring can have as many as ten strands which means Todd has to join twenty loose ends together – a skill most jewelers would not even attempt. The seam exists as proof of his skill and expertise rather than a lack of skill and expertise. We have built our business by pleasing customers who appreciate texture and imperfections characteristic of work by the human hand.

Seamless rings are produced by machine casting methods and on solid parts of bands without elaborate decoration. Only a cast ring and machine work can produce a seamless, traditional ring. Then again, no machine could braid strands the way we can, so a truly braided ring can not be duplicated en masse, seam or no seam. If you would like to see some examples, please visit our Seams page.

Celtic knotwork works well with ropes but does not translate perfectly in metal. Metal strands simply don’t have the flexible nature that rope has and metal cannot be braided exactly like rope.  Any of our ring styles that include a “C” are our representative celtic styles and many people looking for a Celtic-style ring like them very much. We do actually braid our rings from separate strands of 14k and 18k gold, silver, and platinum so they are three dimensional, intricate and beautiful on the hand.

If our available styles do not suit your preferences and you want an exact representation of Celtic knotwork, your other alternative is to find rings cast from a carved wax mold – they won’t be true knotwork but can be carved to look like knotwork.

Of course! You’ll never get stuck talking in a loop with a robot. Todd or his daughter Lyra will answer the phone and help you with your purchase. Call us at 941-217-4969 or email us at

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