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Symbolism in your rings

With nearly thirty years of experience, Todd’s handcrafted jewelry is cherished globally for its unique, symbolic style. Explore the symbolism you can weave into your rings here, whether it’s incorporating loved ones’ birthstones or sentimental golds. Let us create something truly unique for you and your partner.

Two diamond-encrusted wedding rings, one with a large central stone and braided wedding bands, against a reflective white background.

Choosing the same braid allows Todd to create both wedding rings from a single braid. This symbolizes two individuals intertwining their lives into one.

Materials Symbolism

Our genuine, high-quality gemstones offer a colorful alternative to diamonds in wedding and engagement rings. Handcrafted with customizable metal options, including two-tone, tri-tone, or single-color designs, each ring is uniquely tailored to your story.

Silver and gold five-strand band ring with a central blue sapphire set in a prong setting, displayed against a reflective white surface.

Number Symbolism

Two intertwined gold rings, one featuring a chain-link design and the other with a solitaire diamond, set against a white background. Alongside them rests a Five Strand Ring, enhancing the elegant display.

Todd offers braided rings with varying numbers of strands, from three to ten. Some people have sentimental attachments to specific numbers, influencing their ring choice. For example, a couple blending three children into their new family might choose a five-strand ring, symbolizing the unity of all family members.

We’ve created a unique braided ring tailored for the Christian community, inspired by the concept of a “cord of three strands” from Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. This design symbolizes the journey of two people intertwined by love, reflecting strength and unity. Customers often personalize the symbolism further by choosing different colored golds for themselves and God/Love strands.

Todd hand-swirls fine gold strands into unique designs, resembling waves or beautiful swirls, creating one-of-a-kind pieces. Each swirl ring is distinct, making it an original work of art. Customize further by adding birthstones to represent your children or family members.

Swirl ring with a diamond handmade by Todd Alan in 14k white gold

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Feeling overwhelmed? Reach out via phone or email for assistance with your wedding ring choices. Speak with Todd’s daughter, Lyra, or schedule an appointment with Todd himself. Visit our gallery in Sarasota, Florida, open Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 6:00 pm. We’re always here to help!

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