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Hello World!

Hello Beautiful Humans! My name is Katie – I’ve been Todd’s apprentice for about eight years now, helping behind the scenes with polishing, finishing work while learning his handwoven artform. I am one of the lucky few that gets to say I love what I do and working with Todd and Lyra has been an absolutely awesome experience. When I started my apprenticeship, I had quite the learning curve – like all trades, jewelry has its own set of terms, traditions and knowledge and so I thought I could create a blog to document the journey and maybe it could be informative to you all too! I plan to create monthly blog posts that rotate between three separate “series” ideas, all of which are outlined below

The Blogs

Custom work handmade by artist Todd Alan. This is him setting a diamond to show any customer can have their braided ring made custom with a custom work quote.

The Jeweler's Apprentice

     This series will be a deeper dive into topics I’ve been learning about that pertain to the jewelry industry as a whole. We’ll learn things like the difference between the various golds and karats, what the different cuts of gemstones are and why they are used for some stones and not for others, handmade jewelry vs CAD manufactured jewelry, and much, much more!

Confused? If you have any questions reach out to us:

Email: Todd@HandWovenBands.com

Call: 941.217.4969