Elegant black script logo reading "todd alan the ringmaker" with stylized capital letters and a sweeping underline in purple.
An intricately designed memorial jewelry piece featuring rose gold and silver tones with embossed bead patterns on a reflective white surface.

Specialty Rings

Todd is know for making very unique and custom very symbolic rings. These are handmade rings with a purpose, with meaning. 

After completing the swirl ring’s braiding, Todd then adds the chosen birthstone of each of the Mother’s children or grandchildren. 

Each ring is handmade, with every curl of the metal deliberate and thoughtful. Due to this distinctive process, no two swirl rings will ever look the same.

Urn rings begins with the creation of a hollow tube in which we seal the ashes. This mini gold urn can be made into a unique ring. 

The urn ring is a concept brought to us by a customer who had experienced the death of a dear friend and wanted to keep them close and honor their memory by wearing some of their ashes inside a ring. Todd Alan sat with this idea for some time as he thought about how best to create an urn ring. His design begins with the creation of a hollow tube in which he seals the ashes, making it completely waterproof, he then attaches this decorative urn onto the braid of your choice as though it were a center stone.

This can be done with the ashes of a loved one, a dear friend or even a beloved pet and can serve as a reminder of the beautiful life you shared together.

Each ring already made and is a singular, stunning showpiece to be worn by itself. It embodies both the wedding and engagement ring and is an heirloom you can treasure for generations.

Todd’s woven art rings are already made but may be able to be resized slightly.