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Unique Sapphire Rings

Sapphires are a colorful alternative to diamonds and are a great choice for your wedding rings. They are becoming more popular in wedding and engagement rings as they are very hard and can stand the test of time while holding their deep blue color. Todd Alan specializes in making unique sapphire rings by hand in any braid you choose.

The highest quality sapphires are a deep but not inky blue that reflects a bright almost cobalt colored blue. Our highest quality AAA sapphires mostly come from Celan and are famous through the world for their color. We also carry a AA quality sapphire that is more affordable but still nicer and bluer then most sapphires you see in many mall jewelry stores. All of our sapphires are natural gemstones and will last as heirloom pieces for generations to come.

This swirl ring is a tapered artisan ring mounted with a sapphire ring. This ring was handmade by Todd Alan and is a very unique 14k yellow gold ring handmade by artist Todd Alan

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This diagram shows a sapphire in one of Todd Alan's signature braided rings in either a bezel or prong setting

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