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Recycling Scrap gold

Most people have some old or broken 10k or 14k gold jewelry that simply sits in drawers and jewelry boxes and takes up space while gathering dust. Because we work with gold, we accept trade-in of your old stamped gold chains, rings, earrings, and other stamped gold as partial payment toward your purchase from us. We give 85% of the market value of your scrap gold toward your purchase. This is noticeably above what most pawn shops or gold buyers pay the public for gold. We do not buy gold for cash; we only accept gold toward the purchase of our products. Check with your friends and relatives to see who has scrap gold to contribute and make the ring purchase part of your wedding experience a little easier on your finances. It can feel good to recycle what you already have into something new!

Recycling gold into a new piece of jewelry. This is an up-close shot of the gold before it is melted down an pulled into a new ring

If you are interested in trading in gold toward your purchase, please email us for detailed instructions at or give us a call at 941-217-4969