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The history and use of wire gauge is a bit of a complicated topic but to quickly summarize, “wire gauge” is the measurement of the diameter of a piece of wire and this unit is what we when we’re talking about when we refer to “gauges” in our work. The smaller the gauge of wire, the larger in diameter the strand is and this has to do with the way that metal conducts electricity.

We plan on making a blog about it for those who are interested in learning more but for now, just know that a piece of 18 gauge wire is smaller than a piece of 10 gauge wire.

So Todd takes strands of precious metals and weaves them into patterns we call braids. The width of that braid is determined by the gauge of the individual strands. A Four Strand woven in 17 gauge will be smaller than a Seven Strands woven in 17 gauge.

When we recommend ring widths to people, we want you to keep in mind that we are speaking generally. If you prefer smaller rings or larger rings, of course feel free to order what you like! We’re just here to offer some guidance for those who need it.