About The Eight Strand double weave

The Eight Strand has three different weaves: The Open weave, the Closed weave and the Double weave. All styles are quite substantial and would be perfect for rings made from the same braid. 

The Eight Strand Double Weave is a truly unique Todd original design. It gets its name because it has two braids in one: four strands down the middle with an open weave around it. This style is also available with outer bands.

Eight strand Double Weave

The first step in choosing the perfect ring is picking the best width for your finger. Each width is made with different gauge strands, which changes the size of the ring. If you prefer a smaller and daintier ring, select a smaller with your width. If you tend to be more active with your hands and feel you are tougher on your rings, select the larger widths.

The Standard Eight Strand – 818D – is woven from 18 gauge metal strands. It is the perfect choice for those who love subtle rings and we recommend this width to most couples, especially if they want their rings made from the same braid.

The Middle Eight Strand – 817D – is a sturdier version of the 18 gauge and is great for a single ring on one finger. Good for being made out of the same strand. 

The Heavy Eight Strand – 816D – is woven from 16 gauge metal strands. It is the largest and strongest of this type of braid and is best for those who are hard on their rings day to day or have a ring size larger than 9.

Eight Strand Double Weave - Outer Bands

About Outer Bands

Round Outer Bands: adds 2.6mm – these thin round bands are made from 16 gauge strands and give the braids a very organic, flowing design.

Standard Square Outer Bands: 3mm – this square option is slightly larger than our round outerbands but completely changes the energy of the ring. It gives more of a geometric look to the braid.

Large Square Outer Bands: 4mm – this gives a very handsome appearance to the ring, if you like large rings, this is an excellent way to add a bit of extra width to your braid.


OB820D – A great Women’s ring: 820T – this braid is excellent if you are looking for a petite braid or have smaller hands.

OB818D – Same Braid: 818D – Todd can weave one long strand and make both rings out of it. This echoes the beautiful symbology of the couple’s lives being intertwined. Read more about the same braid process below.

OB817D – Men’s: 817D – this sturdy braid is a wonderful choice if you work with your hands or just want a larger ring.

Making Rings From The Same Braid

If the same braid width is chosen for both rings, Todd can weave one long braid and create both wedding rings out of this single braid. 

For some, this represents two separate individuals who choose to weave their lives together and have even incorporated this symbolism in to their vows during their ceremony.

Eight Strand with Diamond Outer Bands

This is one of the few rings that is made with diamond outer bands. You can see all the options above with one of three diamond bands if you click below. 

Add A Diamond or Stone to your Ring

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